MBP 4/16 Measures and Best Practices for “Employee skills and training”

“The fact is, a risk manager is not exactly at the top of the popularity scale. For most people, risk management is perceived as an “optional” or “cosmetic” issue.” (Interview – Managing Director, Trading)

Other factors contributing to the success of SCRM include sufficient professional competence of employees in dealing with SCRM as well as supplying the associated training opportunities: employees should be able to correctly analyze and evaluate supply chain risks. 

In the numerous expert interviews and focus groups with company representatives and scientists for the development of the maturation model, the following measures were identified: 

  • Regularly train your employees on situational decision-making and supply chain interruption avoidance (when to report what and to whom).
  • Ensure access to SCRM documents that are used to train SCRM employees.
  • Train (internally or externally) your employees on a regular basis. Training courses should seek to implement new findings within SCRM, for example, elements of Big Data in SCRM or new requirements for SCRM in Industry 4.0.
  • Create an SCRM manual with the most relevant information, including threshold values of specific risk tolerance.
  • Create structured management processes to better handle supply chain-relevant information.

Extract from Schröder, M. (2019): Structured improvement of supply chain risk management. In: Supply Chain Management – Contributions to Procurement and Logistics, Reihen-Hrsg.: Essig, M.; Stölzle, W., Kersten, W., Springer Gabler: Wiesbaden

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