MBP 15/16 Measures and Best Practices for “Communication”

“The reporters stood outside our doors with microphones and cameras. By this point we had learned, to a certain extent, how to handle this internally–by having everyone “Please keep their mouths shut”. […] What if, for example, one of the very top corporate officers dies in a plane crash? Such an event is very specifically regulated here.” (Interview – Managing Director Food and Retail)

The design of communication is another factor in the success of SCRM. In addition to risk reports and reporting, associated internal and external communication can also influence the success of SCRM.

In the numerous expert interviews and focus groups with company representatives and scientists for the development of the maturation model, the following measures were identified:

  • Define procedures for the frequency and scope of SCRM-related communication. 
  • Formally establish meeting minutes to record relevant details.
  • Ensure that employees are largely aware of the internal communication process.
  • Outline the expectations of internal communication within the department and link this with aspects of the internal reporting process.
  • Ensure that the communication process is both bottom-up and top-down.
  • Use a risk management information system to facilitate communication as well as the documentation of SCRM.
  • In addition to internal communication, also formally regulate the process of external communication (for example, with supply chain partners, authorities, etc.) and ensure that this system is understood by all relevant employees.

Extract from Schröder, M. (2019): Structured improvement of supply chain risk management. In: Supply Chain Management – Contributions to Procurement and Logistics, Reihen-Hrsg.: Essig, M.; Stölzle, W., Kersten, W., Springer Gabler: Wiesbaden


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