Towards Supply Chain Risk Management 4.0 (SCRM 4.0)

What influence do the new technologies have on SCRM?
At our Institute for Logistics and Corporate Management (TU Hamburg), we are dealing with the question of what influences new technologies exert on SCRM, and specifically on the individual phases of the SCRM process: risk identification, analysis and assessment, management and risk control. The focus of the analysis is the application of artificial intelligence, in particular machine learning, as well as cloud technologies, sensors, and robotics. We categorize this topic as “Supply Chain Risk Management 4.0 (SCRM 4.0)“.

SCRM 4.0. can be defined as a building block of supply chain management which includes all strategies, processes, and related measures that are supported by IoT (Internet of things) and are both suitable for the reduction of risks within a supply chain and increase overall resilience.
If you are interested in our research, please contact us.

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