How to audit the SCRM? The preparation phase (3/9): Organizational location and target setting of the audit

In addition to the responsibilities (see previous blog post), the organizational location of the auditing must be determined before beginning. In compliance with auditing principles, the auditing should be based in an independent office within the company’s structure; this can be achieved via the establishment of a separate auditing department or via integration into an existing department, such as “internal auditing”.

The objective of the audit must also be defined in the preparatory phase (ISO 2011a, p. 17). Here, the literature distinguishes between three motives for conducting an audit:

To assess compliance with standards and specifications

To assess overall effectiveness and efficiency

To identify areas of potential improvement

 Accordingly, the following questions should be answered at the beginning of an SCRM audit:

Was an SCRM Auditing Goal set?
Has a decision been made as to whether this should be an ad hoc audit or part of a continuous auditing process?
Have the SCRM audit objectives been communicated to all stakeholders?
Have all costs associated with the SCRM audit been considered? 
Are sufficient physical independent premises available to carry out the SCRM audit?      
Are all necessary information and communication technologies available to the SCRM audit team?            

Extract from Schröder, M. (2019): Structured improvement of supply chain risk management. In: Supply Chain Management – Contributions to Procurement and Logistics, Series-Editor: Essig, M.; Stölzle, W., Kersten, W., Springer Gabler: Wiesbaden

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